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    • Serious Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Cloth Air Duct Serious Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Cloth Air Duct
      In recent years, there are always some manufacturers in China imitating the products of Durkeesox air duct. They use general fiber fabric without accurate permeability and precise opening. The product...
    • Durkeesox Can Help You to Get GSP Certification Durkeesox Can Help You to Get GSP Certification
      GSP is the English abbreviation of "Good Supply Practice for Quality Management of Pharmaceutical Business, which is the unified quality management standard for pharmaceutical business enterprise...
    • Life and Quotation of Fabric Air Duct Life and Quotation of Fabric Air Duct
      The fiber fabric duct is woven from special fibers. It is the end of a flexible air ventilation system, which replaces traditional air outlet systems such as ducts, dampers, and diffusers. The fabric ...

    3X3 Service

    Engineering design, professional installation and reliable maintenance service after the sale

    1.Before the sale - Professional design

    Free Layout DesignMost advanced airflow simulation labFree CFD Design
    Free Layout Design
    Once we get your project information and requirements, our engineering team will propose the tailor-made and optimum solution for your project.  

    Most advanced airflow simulation lab After years

    of practical accumulation, Durkee has established a professional engineering design team and most 

    advanced CFD test lab.  

    Free CFD Design
    Durkeesox is capable of processing CFD simulation in our own lab, So that you can have a relatively accurate forecast about the performance of our design.  


    air duct Installation

    Durkee 3x3service

    Upholding excelsior installation process management, Durkee adopts 3x3 engineering service to control the whole process during installation preparation, onsite process and adjustment, inspection, and acceptance, besides, Durkee has systematic guidance for the proper installation process.

    3.After-sale service - Reliable maintenance service

    Quality warranty service24h HotlineAfter sale visitingair duct Clean and maintenance
    Quality warranty service24h HotlineAfter-sale visitingClean and maintenance

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