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    How to Select Nanosox System

    How to Select Nanosox System

    Nanosox air dispersion system is a flexible terminal air dispersion system for the HVAC/R industry. The fabric air ventilation system is made of special high-tech fabric, replacing traditional air ducts, air dampers, diffusers, and thermal insulation material.
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    How to Select Nanosox System

    Production Selection

    nanosox fabirc hvac duct

    irr air socks for ventilationurr cloth ductworkdiffusox? textile air duct diffuserReturnsox fabric duct.jpguf-system underfloor air distribution system
    NanosoxIRRURRDiffusoxReturnsoxUF System

    Material Selection

    According to the material, Durkeesox fabric air dispersion system consists of three series: Nanosox-N(NN Series), Nanosox-L(NL series) and Nanosox-F(NF series).

    Top grade fabric material of Nanosox-N(NN) Fabric Duct Systems
    MaterialInherent permanent fire resistant;10 standard permeation rates

    Nanosox-N(NN) Top grade fabric material

    Warranty15 years
    TypeGeneral, Anti-microbial, Anti-static, Nonpermeable
    Nanosox-L(NL) economical material
    MaterialInherent permanent fire resistance, 5 kinds of standard fabric permeabilityNanosox-L(NL)economical material
    Warranty10 years
    TypeGeneral, Anti-microbial, Anti-static, Nonpermeable
    Nanosox -F(NF) Fibersox Best fire-proofing material
    Materialnonflammable fabric material;Nanosox -F(NF) Fibersox Best fire-proofing material
    Warranty8 years
    ApplicationStrict fireproofing requirement during heating, ventilation, and slightly cooling.

    ?Shape and Diameter Selection

    Round-O fabric air duct

    Half-round-D air duct1-4 round-Q air duct systemEllipse-E hvac ductRectangle -S ac air ductConics -C ventilation duct
    Round-OHalf-round-D1/4 round-QEllipse-ERectangle -SConics -C


    RoundHalf-roundLarge half-roundQuarter roundEllipseRectangleConics


    Round-O152,203,254,305,356,406,457,508......1778,1829per project need
    Half round-D,large half round-HD152,203,254,305,356,406,457,508......1473,1524per project need
    1/4 round-Q152,203,254,305,356,406,457,508......1473,1524per project need
    Ellipse-E(305,406,508,610,711,813,1640)x(1016,1524,2032,2540,3048)per project need
    Rectangular-S(559,610,660,711,762......3200,3404,3708)x(406,457,508......762,813)per project need

    ?Airflow Mode and Permeation Selection

    pm Airflow Mode

    PS Airflow Mode PE Airflow Mode EJ Airflow Mode

    (Large permeability)
    (medium permeability)
    N20 16 86 4 21 0.5 0.20
    N-M166  20.50
    N-M166  20.50
    N-M166  20.50
    N-M166  20.50
    N-M166  20.50


    Air Outlet Model Selection

    mesh slot-MS
    S-slot-SSLinear Slot-LSorifice-o
    Mesh Slot-MS
    S Slot-SSLinear Slot-LSOrifice-O
    nozzle-nadjustable nozzle-anrubber ring-rfabric diffuser
    Nozzle-NAdjustable Nozzle-ANRubber Ring-RFabric Diffuser

    Color Selection

    fabric duct color selection


    Inlet connection
    zipper connectionend capair diffuser connection
    Inlet connection

    Connected with the inlet of metal duct, which is quickly fixed by a fastener to result in easy dismantlement.

    Zipper connection

    Utilized as a connection between fittings with patented double-seal for air leakage prevention technology.

    End cap

    connected with duct by zipper

    Air diffuser connection

    Connected with traditional air inlet, which is quickly fixed by a fastener to result in easy dismantlement.

    elbowtransitiont-connectorspecial fittings

    Center-line radius is 1.5 times of diameter


    For connection of duct with different diameter


    Deliver the airflow to branch duct which are perpendicular to main duct

    Special fittings

    Y-inlet,square to round inlet,elbow inlet.

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