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    Ten Advantages of the Cloth Air Duct

    1. The cloth air duct has a large air outlet area, large air volume, low wind speed, no blowing feeling, and good comfort.

    2. The duct system discharges air through the fiber gap of the entire pipe wall or the multi-row small holes designed on the air pipe wall, and the air distribution is evenly consistent at each point, realizing a truly ideal overall uniform air supply.

    3. The whole pipe wall fiber permeates and exudes cold air, and there is almost no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall of the cloth air duct, which completely solves the problem of condensation.

    4. The cloth air duct is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the pipe can be wiped and cleaned to improve the clean quality of indoor air and meet the higher requirements for health and environmental protection.

    5. The duct system is woven from special fibers and is very light. The fabric air duct is especially suitable for places where the roof has no load-bearing capacity.

    6. The material of the cloth air duct is soft, the wind speed is low during operation, no resonance is generated and transmitted, it is quiet and improves the environmental quality.

    7. The cloth air duct system is made of flexible materials, and the hanging device is flexible to move, easy to install, and reusable. It can be used in various places that require temporary ventilation.

    8. The design of the fabric air conditioning duct system of the cloth air duct is simpler than that of the traditional air supply system, and it replaces the traditional air supply pipes, dampers, diffusers, tuyere and other components, accessories, and insulation materials. The weight is extremely light and the transportation and installation are simple, it saves the total cost of the system.

    9. Multi-color cloth air ducts can maintain harmony with any indoor environment. At the same time, the system and color can be individually designed and customized.

    10. The duct system adopts a special supporting suspension device system, which is simple and quick, and the installation time is often more than 1/10 of the traditional system, which greatly shortens the engineering cycle.

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